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10th-Jun-2008 10:14 am - Writer's Block: Clumsiest moment
What's your most embarrassing memory?
Omg, omg, I've so many!!!!! But the latest one was this:

Okay... I think you know about the 'boardwalk' thing right? It just opened recently this year, and my family went on it. 
The boardwalk thing was fun, really. Plants and grass and flowers everywhere. I had also heard about 'Alkaff Manison', which used to be a wealthy Arab man's home. Then, I told my dad I wanted to see it. So, you see, on the way there, my mum said, "Hmmm... I feel like having brocolli." Then I was like, "BROCOLLI MAMA!!!" Sadly... I didn't know that there were two Americans behind my mum. Oops, they heard me. >.<
Then, halfway walking there, my dad got 'lost'. So, we spotted a map not far away. Hip hip hooray! While my dad was finding where Alkaff Mansion was and how we get there, I spotted an old building. Alkaff Manison? I tugged on his shirt. Normally, I call my father 'Pop', but that day, I accidentally stretched the 'O' so it sounded more like 'Poooooop' then, again, I noticed the SAME TWO AMERICANS STANDING RIGHT BEHIND ME.
They must be thinking, "that girl is nuts. She calls her father poop."
Oh god.
If you could go back and fix your most regrettable decision, what would it be, and what would you do differently? Or: Pirates or Ninjas?
26th-May-2008 08:03 pm - Writer's Block: For the Day Off...
If you've got Monday off, how are you spending it, and with whom?
Lazing around. Might just go swimming with Yvonne, or hanging around at my besties' houses.
What product have you felt guiltiest, or silliest, for buying?
Hm... Gotta be that Paul Frank watch with changeable straps I bought for my birthday a year ago.
24th-May-2008 11:51 am - Writer's Block: Clumsiest moment
What's your most embarrassing memory?
HAHAHAAHAH!!! I did something embarassing today. Okay, stranger. Lemme tell you this : I  making up my own words, especially those which have no meaning. And so, today, this morning... My dad came back from jogging. Then when he opened the door I rushes in front of him and said, "Bali-Hoo!" Apparently i'm not quite sure but I think I was a bit too loud, and the neighbour heard me. THAT WAS THE 2ND TIME....
23rd-May-2008 06:50 pm - OMG, Homework is piling up.
OMG. Seriously. So much homework today... And they're all due on Monday. I don't think 48 hours is enough for all those.
22nd-May-2008 04:46 pm - Mmmmm!

...And in Bigfishgames, some people say 'Mmmmm!' after buying a fish.

22nd-May-2008 04:42 pm - NAPFA...

Had my Napfa run today. To get an A, we have to complete it under 10 MINUTES. Almost everyone complained of a headache afterwards. Heatstroke?

22nd-May-2008 04:35 pm - Shiyin's House

Hi, at Shiyin's house right now. I like her room, her dog... Baby, her Shitzu, is sooo sweet! And her wardrobes are part of the floor. So cool! I don't think I want to sing in the school's singing competition anymore-Little Miss Obsessive by Ashlee Simpson is so hard to sing, and I don't want to risk embarassing myself when I'm on stage, like singing out of tune or forgetting the lyrics. Anywayz, if I haven't told you yet, I have stage fright. Y'know, over 500 pairs of eyes ogling you. 
Anyway, Shiyin's playing Pet Shop Hop by Bigfishgames. Someone's just requested for a rabbit in a retangular fish tank. Strange.

If you could be cast on any TV show, from any time, who would you play?
Hm... I really don't know. Maybe a fashion show, then of course I'll be the model... :D
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